City of Portage la Prairie passes new Parking Enforcement By-Law

February 14, 2017

Portage la Prairie, MB – Portage la Prairie City Council approved by-law 17-8655 “General and Parking By-law Enforcement By-Law” at their regular meeting held February 13, 2017. The bylaw is a result of new mandatory provincial guidelines intended to reduce the number of bylaw disputes that enter the Provincial Court system.

In December 2013, the Province of Manitoba enacted legislation providing an alternative approach for processing and resolving minor by-law infractions; The Municipal By-law Enforcement Act. This Act allows municipalities to enforce parking tickets and other by-law violations through the use of administrative penalties and non-judicial adjudicators instead of relying on limited Provincial Court resources.

Prior to this new legislation, someone wishing to dispute a parking violation ticket was required to appear before a justice in Provincial Court. As a result of the new legislation and municipal by-law, a person who wishes to dispute a parking violation can do so by contacting the City of Portage la Prairie.

The dispute is reviewed by a City appointed Screening Officer, who will determine if the penalty should be upheld, cancelled or in some cases varied. Complainants who disagree with the screening officer’s decision can request adjudication by a provincially appointed adjudicator. The adjudicator will review the screening officer’s decision and any additional information that the adjudicator considers relevant. The adjudicator’s decision is final and not subject to any appeal.

To contact the City of Portage la Prairie Screening Officer please email

Follow the links below to view the Municipal By-law Enforcement Act and City By-Law 17-8655 “General and Parking By-law Enforcement By-Law” or to download the Request for Review by Screening Officer form.