The City Manager is responsible for directing and managing the business affairs of the City in accordance with by-laws, policies, resolutions and plans enacted, established and approved by City Council.

The City Manager is directly responsible to City Council and provides assistance and advice as requested by City Council. The City Manager chairs the Management Committee (comprised of the Directors from each Department) and all City staff report through the City Manager to Council. The City Manager’s Office is responsible for providing internal Administrative and Human Resource services.

Administrative Services

The Manager of Administration is responsible for performing administrative duties for the City. The Manager of Administration is also responsible for coordinating reports, agendas and minutes for Council and for preparing and interpreting some by-laws of the City. The Manager of Administration is also designated as the City’s Senior Election Official and is responsible for conducting elections for City Council. Other services include: By-Law Synopsis, Council Process, Council Agenda and Council Minutes.

Human Resource Services

The Human Resources Officer is responsible for providing human resource functions for the City. Duties included in this position include the processing of employment applications, maintaining personnel records and files, administering the employee benefit program, administering grievance files and interpreting collective agreements. Job Opportunities Link