groupFront Row: (L or R) Councillor Liz Driedger, Mayor Irvine Ferris, Councillor Melissa Draycott Back Row: (L to R)  Councillors Brent Froese, Ryan Espey, Brent Budz, Wayne Wall

Council Information:

2017 Schedule of Council Meetings:   To register as a delegation, please do so in writing and submit the Wednesday prior to Council to the Manager of Administration at

Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes:   Click Here to go to our Council Agenda & Minutes page

Council Meeting Video:  Click Here to view Council Meeting videos on our You Tube Page

Strategic Plan: 2014 -2018 Council Strategic Plan View

Annual Report: The Municipal Annual Report provides an overview of the major achievements and significant projects completed during the past year.

Council Ad Hoc Committees: Council appoints several committees each year which includes the Municipal Heritage Committee,  Age Friendly Cities Committee, Public Art Committee and Portage Parks Committee.

Council Contact:

Youth Member of Council City Council sees value in having a Youth Member of Council in order to build interest and knowledge of municipal government in today’s youth.  A Youth Member will be selected at the beginning of each school year and will remain until the last meeting of Council in the following August.For more information on the Youth Member of Council position contact the Manager of Administration at 204-239-8337 or

Committee Portfolios:

 The Mayor is a member of all Committees

  • Councillor Brent Budz – Finance Chair
  • Councillor Liz Driedger – City Planning & Economic Development Chair
  • Councillor Brent Froese – Community Services Chair
  • Councillor Wayne Wall – Waterworks Chair
  • Councillor Melissa Draycott – Transportation Chair
  • Councillor Ryan Espey – Public Safety Chair
Administrative Contacts:

City Manager:  Nathan Peto
Director of Corporate Services: Cathie McFarlane
Director of Operations:  Kelly Braden
Director of Public Safety / Fire Chief:  Phil Carpenter