The City of Portage la Prairie is asking property owners who have not had their water meter replaced to call Neptune, or go online with your reference number, and make an appointment before June 4, 2016.

The City of Portage la Prairie has contracted Neptune Technology Group to replace your water meter. The installation procedure requires approximately 45 minutes to complete, during which time the water will be shut off for a brief period.  There is no charge for the water meter nor for the replacement of the meter.

The replacement of water meters is mandatory for all customers of the City of Portage la Prairie under By-law No. 6748.  Installation of water meters by Neptune will continue until June 18, 2016 and it is imperative that you book an installation appointment before June 4, 2016.  We want to change your meter without disruption to you, however, failure to make arrangements by the deadline might result in fees being incurred by the property owner.

Letters of final notice are being sent to property owners who haven’t had their water meter replaced. Please contact Neptune immediately at 1-800-667-4387 to book your meter replacement appointment, or if you have a reference number, you can visit the project website at .