The purpose of the Finance Department is to safeguard the City’s Investment in assets and services through the provision of accurate and timely information to our internal and external customers.

• Accounts Payable/Receivable Budget • Business License Applications & Collections • Utility Revenue Collection • Water Turn On/Off • Tax Collection • Financial Statements • Budget Preparation and Administration • Cash Management and Investments • Capital Financing and Control • Accounting and Audit • Management Information Systems • Parking Ticket Collections • False Alarms • Purchasing Controls • Fixed Asset Control • Tendering Co-ordination • Purchasing By-Law Interpretation • Parking

2018 Fees and Charges Schedule


We recognize that visiting City Hall during our office hours is not always the most convenient way to request services or make payments for your city accounts.  We are pleased to announce select E-Services are now available to you through our web site. Visit the E-Services Web Page.


The following licenses or permits are required in the City of Portage la Prairie. Should any of these apply to you, please come into City Hall for payment (if indicated) and registration.

ALARM PERMITS – If you have installed a security alarm system in either your home or business, you are required to obtain a permit from the City of Portage la Prairie. There is no charge for this permit. If you currently have such a permit, please ensure that all information is current by calling (204) 239-8309
Alarm Permit Application – downloadable PDF 

FALSE ALARMS – False alarms will be tracked for both burglary AND fire alarms (By-Law 13-8607). Excessive false alarms fees will be charged as outlined on page 7 of the 2017 Fees and Charges Schedule,  subsequent to 3 or more false alarms (whether fire, burglary or both) in 12 calendar months.

BUSINESS LICENSE –  Home occupations and trades not operating out of a commercially taxed premise located in Portage la Prairie are regulated by the City of Portage la Prairie and must meet the proper zoning requirements. The cost of a Resident Business License is $125.00, a Regional License is $175.00, a Non-Resident License is $275.00 and Transient trades is $750.  Application forms and details are available at City Hall and below.
Application for Business License – downloadable PDF
Application for Business License – Sign up online

PET LICENSE –  If you have a dog or cat over 6 months of age, you are required to obtain a license on an annual basis. Fees are $50.00 per pet per year or $20.00 if your pet is neutered or spayed. Current rabies vaccination is required. Pet licenses for the year are available at no cost if registered January through March.

MOBILE HOME LICENSE –  Mobile homes are permitted in private mobile home parks. Each mobile home is subject to a monthly license fee based on size, age, and assessed value of mobile home. Contact (204) 239-8310 or email for more details.
Pre-Authorized Trailer Licence Payment Plan – downloadable PDF

LIVERY LICENSE – is required annually to drive a taxi or to operate a taxi service. Applications are available at City Hall. For further information please contact (204) 239-8309.

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2016 Financial Statements
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For more Tax information please contact or call 204-239-8308


The Province of Manitoba’s Assessment Branch completes a general re-assessment every 2 years.  Assessment is the estimation of a property’s probable market value in accordance with The Municipal Assessment Act.  Municipalities use the property value as a measure for calculating taxes. Every property owner has the opportunity to appeal their assessment at a Board of Revision meeting, which is held each fall. An Application for Revision of Assessment Roll  can be printed here:  Application for Revision of Assessment Roll


Taxes may be prepaid up to 90 % of the previous year’s net tax levy in multiples of $10.00. The following rates of discount apply: January – 0.66%   February – 0.55%   March – 0.44%   April – 0.33%   May – 0.22%   June – 0.11%. Taxes are at par for the month of July and penalties begin August 1st at a rate of 1.25% per month. Direct Payment & e-payment options through TelPay


WHAT IS “T.I.P.P.”?   T.I.P.P. stands for Tax Installment Payment Plan. It is an automatic bank withdrawal payment plan by which taxpayers make consecutive monthly payments for taxes rather than a single annual amount.

WHO CAN JOIN TIPP: Your tax account is in good standing (no arrears outstanding). You must have an account with chequing privileges at a financial institution. You do not presently pay your taxes through a mortgage company (P.I.T.)

HOW TO JOIN TIPP: Complete the TIPP application form below or forms may be obtained by calling (204) 239-8308 or by visiting City Hall, Portage la Prairie. The City of Portage la Prairie does not charge for this service; however, normal bank charges may apply.
TIPP Application – downloadable PDF
TIPP Application – online form

WHEN TO JOIN: Applications to start the plan the following year will be received up to December 15. However, you may apply to join TIPP after the January 15th instalment but prior to June 30th, with an initial payment of the missed instalments paid at the time of application.

QUESTIONS? If you have any further questions about the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP), please call (204) 239-8308, between 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


2014 marks the first year, starting April 1, whereby tax will be charged to hotel guests for the purpose of marketing the City of Portage la Prairie, and economic development and tourism. Proceeds from the 5% charged on rooms will also contribute to upgrades and development of Saskatchewan Avenue.
Accommodation By-law (13-8613) -pdf
FAQ for Hoteliers -pdf
Tax Remittance Form -pdf
Application for Refund -pdf

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Free parking is available throughout the city in designated parking lots. However, on street parking is also available for a nominal fee.


  • ZONE A – being Saskatchewan Avenue from 2nd St. N.W. to 3rd St. N.E. including both sides of Royal Road and Tupper Street.  .25 cents for each 15 minutes. These meters take .25 cent, $1 and $2 coins only.
  • ZONE B –  all remaining meters not included in Zone A – $0.05 for each 6 minutes.  These meters take .05, .10 and .25 cent coins.

PARKING VIOLATION FINES:  When a summons is left in or affixed to the vehicle or handed to the owner or operator, the full fine may be paid in disposition of the offence as follows:

  1. Overtime parking in a metered space  $40
  2. Parking violation of snow removal ban or routine snow removal or in fire lane  $40
  3. Any other stopping, standing or parking violation  $40

If the ticket is paid within 14 days from the time that a summons is left in or affixed to the vehicle or handed to the owner or operator thereof, a discounted rate may be paid.

  1. Overtime parking in metered space  $10
  2. Parking in violation of snow removal ban or routine snow removal or in fire lane   $30
  3. Any other stopping, standing or parking violation  $10

Now you can Pay your Bills ONLINE with Paymentus 


For information on how to dispute your parking ticket.

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2016-2018 Utility Rates

Water and Sewer Rate By-Law 15-8633


We are pleased to offer this new efficient, eco-friendly service for our water customers. Those who sign up will receive their water bills by email (PDF version) rather than by mail.

E-Billing Online Sign Up or email your name, address and utility account number and the email address you would like the e-bill sent to . Please ensure to add the following email addresses to your safe sender list: and


The City of Portage la Prairie offers a number of payment options for utilities:

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan – Pay your 3 month bill through automatic debit from your bank or credit union account.
  • Monthly Payment Plan – Pay your water bill monthly on a budget.  Equal payments are debited from your bank or credit union account on a monthly basis.  An easier way to manage your household expenses. The monthly withdrawals are scheduled to occur on the 15th banking day of each month.
  • TelPay – Direct Payment & e-payment options through TelPay. Visit to sign up.
  • Paymentus – Now you can Pay your Bills ONLINE using VISA and Mastercard: Paymentus Website
  • Telephone & Internet Banking – Search for “Portage la Prairie, City, Utilities” as a payee with your banking institute. Contact your bank if you cannot locate Portage la Prairie as a payee. When entering the utility account number, the number needs to be ten digits log. Do not include the decimal point.
  • Deposit Box – There is an after hours night deposit box is located on the east front door of City Hall
  • In person at City Hall Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Interac debit card service is available)


Change of Water or Water & Sewer to another user or service:
• $40.00 per meter per turn on (performed during normal working hours)
• $95.00 per meter per turn-on (performed outside of normal working hours) …….

Construction turn on (for contractor’s use):
• $45.00 per construction turn-on for a period up to the date of substantial completion of the project as defined by the Builders Liens Act. The Contractor will also be responsible to pay the City the cost of any water consumed during this period at the applicable sewer and water rates. There would be a maximum of one construction turn-on per building allowed.
•$95 per construction turn-on performed outside of normal working hours.

If you have any questions please contact the water department at (204) 239-8370