Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding City of Portage la Prairie services and programs.  


Where can I get a dog/cat license? Dog licenses can be applied for at City Hall, 97 Saskatchewan Avenue E.

Do I have to buy a dog/cat license? Yes. As per the City of Portage la Prairie Animal Control By-Law, any dog older than three months that is being kept within City limits must have a City-issued licence. Licencing fees are as follows:

  • For each spayed / neutered dog or cat (**no charge if purchased between January 1 and March 31): $20.00
  • For each non-spayed / intact dog or cat (**no charge if purchased between January 1 and March 31): $50.00
  • Replacement of lost dog or cat license: $10.00
  • Service Animal: $5.00
  • Transfer to new owner: No Charge
  • Penalty for failing to obtain a valid pet license: $100.00
  • Application for Excess Animal Permit (non refundable – includes 1st year inspection fee): $150.00
  • Annual Inspection of premises for excess animals: $100.00

Who do I talk to about a neighbour who lets their pet do its business on my yard, gets into garbage, runs at large or a dog that barks constantly?  First step, speak with your neighbour. Respectfully, let them know how you feel and see if you can resolve the issue between yourselves. If the problem persists, report their name, description of dog, and, if possible, their home address to the Animal Control Officer at 204-239-8326.

My pet has been impounded. How do I get it back? If your pet is impounded, please apply to the Animal Control Officer to reclaim your pet. When applying, pet owners must provide proof of ownership and pay all outstanding penalties, fines or fees under the City’s Animal Control By-Law that apply to their animal or for breach of this By-Law. City of Portage la Prairie’s Animal Control Officer can be reached at 204-239-8326.

How many pets am I allowed to own if I live in the City of Portage la Prairie? The City of Portage la Prairie Animal Control By-Law states that No Person shall own, harbour, keep or have in his possession or control or on his premises, more than three dogs, or three cats, or a combination of both, over the age of six months, regardless of the number of people who may be inhabiting the premises without obtaining an excess animal permit.

Skunk Control – I have a skunk in my yard, who do I call? Call Skunk Control at 204-239-8340

There are mice/rats in the yard, possibly coming from neighbouring yard, who do I contact? This is a Public Health issue. Contact the Public Health Inspector at 25 Tupper St N, or call 204-239-3187


Where can I drop off my resume / job application?  Applications can be dropped off at City Hall reception, 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E.  Applications forms can be picked up at City Hall or downloaded by clicking here

When can I submit my resume / job application? The City accepts resumes/applications only when there is an advertised job opening.

What type of employment is available with the City? The City has four major departments: Administration, Finance, Operations (includes Engineering, Parks, Public Works, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment), Public Safety (Fire).



How many bags of garbage can I put out for curb side pick up? There is a two bag/can limit on the amount of solid waste that will be picked up from the curb each collection day. Anything over that amount must have a Solid Waste Collection Tag affixed

Where can I buy Solid Waste Collection Tags? These tags can be purchased from all corner stores (except 7-11), all grocery stores, MCC, City Hall and the Operations Department.

Can I bring my recycling to the Landfill? No. The City has curbside pickup for recycling.  Please check pickup schedule to see when your pickup is scheduled.  If you miss the pickup you can take your recycling to the Portage & District Recycling Depot at 700 Phillips Street.  For more information you can call Portage & District Recycling at 204-856-5520.

Can I bring my yard waste to the Landfill?  No. The City of Portage la Prairie has a free compost site located adjacent to the Operations Department.  We accept grass clippings, garden waste and leaves at the compost site. Branches are not accepted in the compost pile as it takes too long to break down.

Can I bring my used oil or antifreeze to the Landfill? No. Portage & District Recycling accepts used oil.  Antifreeze is also accepted. For more information, please call Portage & District Recycling at 204-856-5520 or visit their website at:

I don’t live in the City of Portage la Prairie. Can I still bring my garbage there?  The Portage la Prairie Landfill facility accepts garbage from the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie as well as the City of Portage la Prairie.

Can I bring my hazardous waste to the Landfill?  No. The Province of Manitoba has enacted legislation that requires producers or suppliers of prescribed household hazardous materials to be responsible for the appropriate management of waste materials. Those waste materials which are considered hazardous are not to be disposed of with your regular household waste. Instead, household hazardous waste can be disposed of at the following locations:

  • Paint – Residential paint cans and aerosol cans are accepted at Portage & District Recycling.
  • Fluorescent lights – Compact florescent bulbs are accepted at Rona and Portage & District Recycling.
  • Batteries – Gerrard Scrap Metal accepts used motor vehicle batteries. Canadian Tire accepts small household batteries. Portage & District Recycling Inc. accepts all batteries.
  • Cell phones & Printer Cartridges – Mega / MTS Connect (1810 Saskatchewan Ave W) and Portage & District Recycling accept cell phones and printer cartridges.
  • Tires –  Tires are accepted at the Portage la Prairie Regional Landfill Site, as part of a tire recycling program.
  • Electronic Waste -E-Waste may be dropped off at Portage & District Recycling Inc, 700 Phillips Street N.W. –24 hours per day 7 days a week. Generally, E-waste includes TVs, VCRs, stereos, microwaves, phones, computer equipment and fax machines.
  • Pharmaceuticals –  Walmart Pharmacy, Hills Drug Store, Shoppers Drug Mart

For more information, call the Operations Department at 239-8346, or visit one of the following sites: or



If I have a question about abandoned vehicles or RVs/trucks/trailers parked on my street, who should I contact?
Please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 204-239-8326

How do I pay a parking ticket?
You may pay your ticket in person at City Hall located at 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E.; City Hall also has a drop box at the East front doors.

I received a parking ticket but I am not sure what I did wrong. How can I find out? 
Please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 204-239-8326. 

Who issues parking tickets? 
The City’s Parking Meter Attendant, Designated Employee, and the RCMP are the only authorities who can issue parking tickets in the City of Portage la Prairie.

If I feel that I have received a parking ticket in error, what do I do?
Please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 204-239-8326

If I disagree with a parking ticket, what can I do about it?
Effective February 14, 2017, as a result of new legislation and municipal by-law, a person who wishes to dispute a parking violation can do so by contacting the City of Portage la Prairie. The City appointed Screening Officer will review the case and determine if the penalty should be upheld, cancelled or in some cases varied.  To contact the City of Portage la Prairie Screening Officer please email More information can be found here

If I disagree with a City Traffic or Parking by-law that is enforced by a parking ticket, what should I do? 
Please submit to City Council, in writing, a request to change the By–Law. The needs of the City change from year to year and policy direction occurs at Council level.

Are these actual tickets, like you get from the Police?
Yes. The Parking Meter Attendant, and Designated Employee have the same authority as the RCMP in issuing offence notices (tickets) and summons pertaining to parking violations.

Where are the City of Portage la Prairie designated Truck Routes?
Please see Section 59 of the City of Portage la Prairie Traffic By-Law. The Truck Route Map is located in Schedule C of the Traffic By-Law.



Where do I apply for a business licence?  
At City Hall, located at 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E. They can be reached at 204-239-8310. For more information on what type of licencing your business requires, use the BizPal application on our website at

Do I need a Business Licence if I am located in a Commercial District?
No. However, there are several designations for Commercial which specify the type of business permitted in those designations.  It is recommended that you contact the Portage la Prairie Planning District to find out if the area in which you wish to locate permits the type of business you want to open.  They can be reached at 204-239-8345 or visit their website at

Do I need a Business Licence if I am a contractor from outside the City?
Yes, Business Licences can be obtained at City Hall.  

Where do I find information on Development Plan/Zoning and Building/Plumbing permits? 
At the Portage la Prairie Planning District, 800 Saskatchewan Ave. W. or call 204-239-8345.
Zoning Maps can be purchased at City Hall or can be found online on the website at:

Business – What is required for licences and permits to start my own business in Portage la Prairie?
For information use the  BizPal application  This provides information for all levels of government.
For city business licences contact   City Hall, 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E, 204-239-8310
For building permits/zoning contact the Portage Planning District, 800 Saskatchewan Ave W, 204-239-8345. Website:

Where can I obtain an alarm permit?
You can obtain a permit at City Hall located at 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E.  Please call 204-239-8310 for more information. 

Where can I get a garage sale licence?
You are allowed up to 2 garage sales per year. Garage Sale licenses are required to be purchased prior to the sale and are available at City Hall for the cost of $5.00 per license. Check out Health Canada’s Website at: on products not eligible for garage sale or call the Winnipeg office at: (204) 983-5490. Upon completion of the garage sale you will be responsible for the removal of your garage sale signs no more than 24hrs after the sale ends. Failure to do so will result in a $10.00 fee per sign.

I want to build a fence – who should I contact?
Portage la Prairie Planning District, 800 Saskatchewan Ave. W., or call 204-239-8345. Website:

Where do I obtain a fire pit permit?
Please contact the Fire Department at 204-239-8340 or visit them at 124 3rd St. N.E.

Where do I obtain an electrical permit?
Manitoba Hydro, 50 14th St NE


I want to install a sign on my business – who do I contact?
You can contact the Portage Planning District at 204-239-8345 or check out their website at

I want  to put out a sandwich board sign outside of my business doors.
Section 3.10 (11) of The City of Portage la Prairie Zoning By-Law states the following regarding Sandwich Board Signs:
Sandwich Board Signs may be placed on City Sidewalks as follows:

• shall be permitted on sidewalks only, adjacent to the curb;
• at an intersecting street, shall be located a minimum of five (5) metres from the intersection;
• dimensions shall not be greater than .75m in width and 1.2m in height;
• shall not be located in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of pedestrian traffic;
• shall be weighted at the bottom to prevent the wind from blowing them over;
• shall not be secured to parking meter posts or interfere with a motorist’s access to the parking meter;
• shall not interfere with the visibility of any traffic regulatory sign;
• may be constructed of wood, metal or plastic;
• shall be maintained to an acceptable standard at all times.

Any non-conforming sandwich board signs will be removed.
You can contact the Portage Planning District at 204-239-8345 or check out their website at

I want to rent  a mobile sign to advertise my business – do I need a permit?
Section 3.10(10) of the City of Portage la Prairie Zoning By-Law states the following regarding mobile signs: 

Mobile business and advertising signs shall be permitted in Commercial, Industrial, and Open Space/Recreation &  Limited Agriculture zones.

• Mobile signs shall not be permitted on public property unless otherwise approved by the City of Portage la Prairie or its agents.
• A mobile sign shall be allowed on a  site for a  period not exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days. No mobile sign shall be permitted thereafter until thirty (30)  consecutive days has expired.
• One (1) mobile sign shall be permitted per site, except where a  site is occupied by more than one use, then one mobile sign shall be permitted per each use  up to a maximum of three (3) mobile signs provided the minimum distance between mobile signs is met.
• Mobile signs shall have a  maximum sign surface area of 3  square metres.
• A mobile sign shall not be located within 3.0 metres measured from the nearest part of any exit, entrance, driveway or corner of property site lines.
• A minimum distance of 6.0 metres between mobile signs shall be maintained at all  times.
• A mobile sign permit, issued by the Portage la Prairie Planning District, is required before placing of any mobile sign.
• You can contact the Portage Planning District at 204-239-8345 or check out their website at

I want a no parking sign put up outside of my business – who do I contact?
A request for a no parking sign should come in writing addressed to Mayor and Council.  It is to be sent to the City of Portage la Prairie, 97 Saskatchewan Ave. E., Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0L8.  It can also be send via email to

I saw a sign down on the boulevard, road etc – who do I contact?
You can call Bylaw Enforcement at 204-239-8326

I am planning  on running in the next municipal, provincial, federal election and want to put up signs – what are the regulations?
The City of Portage la Prairie passed Election Sign by-Law 11-8517 in 2011.  This by-law is listed on our website at   For more info you can contact the Administration office at 204-238-8337.



 speaks specifically on the issue of snow removal.


Every occupant, and in case there is no occupant, the owner or Person having charge or care of every business premises (hereinafter in this clause called the premises) fronting or abutting on any Street or public place within the City shall:
a. before 10:00 hours each day, following every fall of snow, hail or rain which shall have frozen on the Sidewalk, or after a fall of snow or ice off any building, cause the same to be removed entirely off the Sidewalk fronting or abutting the premises and in the event the ice or snow shall be so frozen that removal would damage the Sidewalks, every such Person shall strew the Sidewalk with salt, sand or other like substances.
b. before 10:00 hours each day, remove from the Sidewalk fronting or abutting the premises all dirt and other obstructions.
c. if said snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction has not been removed as set out in subsections a) and b), the Manager of Public Works of the City of Portage la Prairie may cause such ice, dirt or obstruction to be removed at the expense of the owner in default and shall file with the Director of Finance of the City of Portage la Prairie, at the end of each month, a statement showing the sums expended by the City for such work and the Director of Finance shall thereupon cause the sums so expended to be charged against each respective lot or parcel of land on the tax roll next prepared thereafter, and the same may be recovered by the City in the same manner as other municipal taxes.


a. It shall be an offence for any Person to remove from any Private Property, public property, Street, Boulevard or Sidewalk any snow or ice and deposit same on any Street, Boulevard, parking lot, public place, or Sidewalk in such a manner that could negatively impact drainage, or create a hazardous condition for either vehicular or Pedestrian traffic, or otherwise impede the snow removal efforts of the City or Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation. [AM by By-Law 10-8474 – Res #73/10]
b. Subsection a) shall not apply to the City, the Department of Highways, their agents or employees who are actively engaged in snow removal from Streets, Boulevards or Sidewalks in the course of their employment or fulfillment of contract.
c. Any Person occupying a property where a building abuts the property line adjacent to a Street in such a manner that snow cannot be cleared onto the property may pile the snow at the Curb line of the Street in such a manner that both vehicular and Pedestrian traffic can pass only if a hazardous condition is not created when snow is piled in this manner.


In communities with a Sunday and Holiday shopping by-law retail stores can be open Sunday shopping hours on Louis Riel Day, Victoria Day and Thanksgiving Day. These hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The City of Portage la Prairie By-Law 7826 follows these rules.  Most retail businesses cannot be open on New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Canada Day, Labour Day or Christmas Day.  Remembrance Day is not a holiday. Retail stores cannot be open between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Remembrance Day. For more info on Remembrance Day hours please see the Province of Manitoba Website at:,remembrance-day,factsheet.html



When are tax bills sent out? 
Tax bills are mailed out in late May of each year.

When are taxes due? 
Taxes are due on the last business day in July of each year.

What period does my tax bill cover? 
City of Portage la Prairie tax bills cover the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

When is the deadline to apply for TIPP (Tax Installment Payment Plan)?
Applications to start the plan the following year will be received up to December 15. However, you may apply to join TIPP after the January 15th instalment but prior to June 30th, with an initial payment of the missed instalments paid at the time of application. If you have any further questions about the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP), please call (204) 239-8308, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

What is the penalty for paying taxes after the deadline? 
1.25% per month is the penalty for paying late.

Are there any service charges to be on TIPP? 
No, there are no service charges to be on this program.

If I sell my property & pay my property taxes through TIPP, what do I need to do?
The City requires notification to cancel your TIPP payments. You can call 204-239-8308 or e-mail to notify the City that you have sold your property and wish to stop payments.

Can I pay my property taxes online? 
Yes, you can pay your property taxes online through your bank’s website. You will have to add the City of Portage la Prairie as a payee. When you search “City of Portage la Prairie”, there are usually different account types: Taxes & Utilities.

Does the City accept post-dated cheques or credit cards for payment of property taxes? 
The City will accept post-dated cheques, however, receipts will not be mailed. A receipt can be re-printed upon request and picked up at City Hall. Please note that cheques must be dated appropriately to avoid penalties. The City does not accept credit cards for payment of property taxes.

I recently built a new home and have not received a property tax bill. When can I expect a bill? 
New homes are typically sent a supplementary tax bill. Supplementary tax bills are mailed out the first week of October and due the last business day in December. Depending on the completion date of your home and/or if the home has been assessed, you may receive a tax bill for both the previous and current years.

How do I change my name on my property tax bill? 
If you would like to change your name or mailing address on your tax bill or assessment notice, please forward the information to the City of Portage la Prairie. Please note, the actual registered name will not change until the title to the property is changed at the Portage la Prairie Land Titles Office (PLTO).
Portage la Prairie Titles Office is located at: 25 Tupper St. N., Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3K1 Phone: (204) 239-3306

I recently purchased my home and never received a property tax bill. Am I responsible for the property taxes? 
New property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes whether or not they received a notice. Any property owner who does not receive a tax statement should contact the City Tax Clerk by calling 204-239-8308 or by emailing . Failure to receive a tax notice is not sufficient reason for late payment or non-payment; penalties will be applied.

I am paying for my property taxes through my mortgage. How do I know that my bank/mortgage company received notification of the amount owing? 
If your property tax account shows a recorded interest amount from your bank/mortgage company, they received the amount owing in May.

I received a tax bill for a property I no longer own. What should I do?
If you no longer own the property, please forward the tax notice to the current property owner or advise the City of Portage la Prairie office at 204-239-8308 or by e-mail at



How do I report an emergency water main break? 
Please call the Operations Department number at 204-239-8346 or if it’s an after-hours emergency call 204-239-8340.

What methods of payment do you accept for utility bills? 
We accept cash, cheque, debit and online payments for utility bills. For online payments, it must be done through your bank’s website. You will have to add the City of Portage la Prairie as a payee. When you search “Portage la Prairie”, there are usually three different account types: Taxes, Utilities, and General. Be sure to select Utilities, and you will be asked to enter your 14-digit utility account number.

Water and Sewer – I have a plugged sewer, what should I do?            
Call a plumber immediately then contact the Operations Department if you feel the plug originated from City property.  204-239-8346

Who do I contact to determine where my water lines are in my yard?
You may contact the Operations Department at 204-239-8346.

Water Services – I live in the RM/City and don’t have City Water.  How do I get it or who should I speak to?                                                                                                   
If you live in the RM you should contact the RM office at 204-857-3821.  If you live within City boundaries you should submit your request in writing to City Council.



Benches – I want to purchase a bench in memory of a loved one.        
Dave Green –Manager of Parks: 204-239-8325 or

Commissioner for Oaths – I need a Commissioner for Oaths  
City of Portage la Prairie Commissioners for Oath can sign Manitoba Documents and Passport Renewals only.

Hometown Manitoba Grants           
Residential – Portage Community Revitalization Corporation  204-240-7272
Commercial – applications available at City Hall and Chamber office as well as on website

Home Business/Occupation
Planning District
City Hall- 204-239-8310

Hosting Assistance Grants              
Application must be made to the City. Please call 204-239-8334 or
Information is on the Website as well at this link   

Insurance – Where do I make an insurance claim because I feel the city may be liable (ie: property damage, sewer backup, etc.)
You should notify your insurance provider who will then contact the City.  The City will then forward information to our insurance provider.  If you don’t have insurance, you must provide details in writing which will be forwarded to the City’s insurance agency for consideration.  An information brochure can be found by clicking here

Island Park – I want to book a picnic shelter at Island Park. What is the cost and who do I contact?        
Contact Dave Green, Parks Manager at 204-239-8325 and leave a message. There is no cost to book the shelter. 

Land Purchase – Who do I talk to about purchase of City Land?          
City Manager at 204-239-8336 or

Land Survey – Where do I get a survey certificate?   
Please contact a Land Surveyor. 

I am moving. What do I need to do? 
The City needs to know if you move so we can change the name on the utility bill for the applicable property / properties to ensure the correct owner is receiving and paying for the correct bill. Please call 204-239-8370 to provide us with this information if you are moving. The property tax information should be taken care of by the lawyer involved with the sale of the property. The applicable property will be transferred into / out of your name once we receive the change from Portage la Prairie Land Titles. Anybody moving into a home in the City of Portage la Prairie is eligible to receive a recycling bin from the City. To arrange for pickup of a recycling bin, call City Operations Department at 204-239-8346. Garbage/recycling pick-up schedules are available at City Hall, various grocery stores around town, and  online.

Renovations – I want to renovate my home or business. Do I need a permit?  
Portage la Prairie Planning District 204-239-8345

Sidewalks – Who do I contact about damaged sidewalks?
Call the Operations Department at 204-239-8346.

Trees – Who do I contact about a tree that overhangs my property or is damaged?
If you believe it’s a tree owned by the City call the Operations Department at 204-239-8346.

If it is a tree that belongs to your neighbour this is a matter between you and your neighbour. The City does not regulate the trimming of trees on private property. It is up to property owners to come to an agreement between themselves with respect to trees overhanging property lines.  If you are unable to reach an agreement with your neighbour and want to determine your legal rights, you will need to contact a lawyer.

If you have a tree in direct contact with a power line, trimming it is no longer a do-it-yourself project. Call Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-624-9376 outside Winnipeg for assistance.

Weeds – Who do I contact about out of control weeds on a property?
Contact Bylaw Enforcement at 204-239-8326


Birth, Marriage Certificate              
Vital Statistics – 204-945-1234 or toll free government info number 1-800-282-8069 Ext. 3701 – The City has application forms but it is the responsibility of the person making application to complete and send the form to Vital Statistics with the required payment.  Website:

Business Complaint
Better Business Bureau

Business Start Assistance – I want to start a business but need assistance with my business plan, etc.     
Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED):

Community Futures Heartland:
Phone: 204-239-0135

Toll Free 1-877-472-7122

Province of Manitoba:

Business Service Centre

Canada Pension Plan – Where do I call for Canada Pension Plan?         

Emergency Housing – Does Portage la Prairie have emergency housing?      
This will depend on the emergency.  There are some agencies who may have emergency housing:  Canadian Mental Health Association 204-239-6590, Portage Family Abuse Prevention Centre 204-239-5233. If it’s someone looking for general rental agencies we have a list. You can contact 204-239-8334

Employment Income – Where do I call for Employment Income?         
1-800-645-5605 – Service Canada                                            

Flood Recovery                                                                        

Handi-Capped Parking Permit – Who do I contact about obtaining a handicapped parking permit?          
Society of Manitobans with Disabilities 1-800-836-5551 
Application forms are available at City Hall; however, it is the responsibility of the person making application to complete and send the form.

Marriage License               
Mil-Jeanne Flowers & Axcenz – 106 Sask Ave E
Schapansky’s Florist – 1625 Sask. Ave. W.

Manitoba Health Card – Where do I apply for one?
The City has application forms at City Hall but it is the responsibility of the person making application to complete and send the form to Manitoba Health.  For more information please contact Manitoba Health at   1-800-392-1207.  You can also check out the Manitoba Health Website at:

Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation – I need to put in a claim for damage done to my car, who do I call?                                                                                                  
Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation – 1-800-665-2410

Notary Signature
You will need to contact a lawyer. The City does not provide this service.

Social Assistance/Employment and Income Assistance     
Manitoba Government Employment and Income Assistance 204-239-3060 Toll Free 1-866-513-2185

Street Lights – Who do I contact about burnt out street lights?          
Manitoba Hydro 1-888-624-9376 Local Number is 204-857-7868 or submit a report at this link:

Where do I apply for subdivision or consolidation of property?
Manitoba Local Government – Community & Regional Planning, 1 – 2210 Saskatchewan Ave W, or call 204-239-3348