McMillan Industrial Park, the City’s major development site, is located in the northeast corner of the City, east of the Manitoba Developmental Centre.  A number of industries have located in this park including McCain Foods Ltd., Nutri Pea, the Food Development Centre and Hi-Tec Industries Inc.
In total, approximately 550 acres have been designated for industrial and industrial reserve use City wide in two areas located on the north west and north east sides of the City.
 Of the 550 acres of industrially designated land, over 200 available acres is principally located in the McMillan Industrial Park which houses the majority of the City’s larger industrial entities.
Over the years, the City has been successful in its attempts to attract industry.  Strategically situated in the centre of the continent astride major east-west transportation routes, Portage la Prairie is in an ideal position to accommodate additional industries, particularly those based in food processing.
As an added advantage to locating in McMillan Industrial Park, the City of Portage la Prairie and Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie have constructed an Industrial Park Access Road with primary access to the new Industrial Park road being off of the Junction of Provincial Road 26 and TransCanada 1A at the east end of the City, north to Lincoln Avenue and then proceeding west to the Industrial Park. We believe the addition of this roadway will benefit future and existing industrial business since access to the Industrial park will be much easier than the current routing which takes heavy trucks through the middle of the City and some residential areas.
The City has also developed a concept plan on the Eastern Portion of McMillan Industrial Park.  For more specific information contact the City at 204-239-8334 or via email at
Council Resolution # 25/98 – January 26, 1998
The purpose of this program is to offer existing land within the McMillan Industrial Park at no cost for the purpose of new building construction and the creation of new jobs.1)    Developed and undeveloped industrial land park would be offered for sale at no cost.
2)    Construction for the establishment of a new building along with servicing and road access must be substantially completed within one calendar year from date of development agreement approved by City Council.
3)    New or additional jobs in Portage la Prairie must be created by the new or expanded business.  The onus shall be on the Developer to satisfy the City that this has occurred.
4)    The new building must conform to existing site coverage identified in the zoning by-law and be designed and built for year round use (i.e. insulated, electrical service and connected to water and sewer).  Land for non-taxable purposes will not be covered.
5)    A Development Agreement shall be entered into to the satisfaction of the City outlining development conditions with the agreement being registered against the title of the property.  It is understood that all costs within the development area shall be the responsibility of the Developer.
6)    City Council shall have final authority on all matters related to this program and development related matters.
7)    The program will commence January 1,1998 and be operational for a two year period with a review scheduled at that time, by City Council, for possible extension.The Developer shall provide security to the satisfaction of the City in the amount of  the previous cost of industrial park land ($7,500/acre) and after project completion as per conditions of the Development Agreement,  the City shall give these monies back to the developer excluding interest.  In the event the Developer cannot satisfy all conditions of the agreement, a 10% administrative surcharge shall be applied to the total dollar amount held in trust.  (ie. $7,500/acre x 2 acres – $15,000 x 10% – $1,500.)
M2-Heavy Industrial District
The intent of this zone is to provide land for the careful siting of a wide range of industrial uses, where certain obnoxious elements must be accepted as characteristic of their use.
Where possible, such uses will be located as far as possible from residential and other zones to minimize detrimental effects of the industry on other land uses.Permitted Uses:  Please contact the Portage la Prairie Planning District for more comprehensive information at  204-239-8345 or at their website:
• Agricultural Industries
• Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Kennels & Taxidermy
• Asphalt Manufacturing and Refining
• Auction Marts
• Autobody Repair, Automotive Gas Bar, Car Wash, Repair/Service Station, Automobile Sales
• Beverage Manufacturing
• Building Materials, Hardware, Home and Agricultural Equipment
• Chemical Manufacturing & Paint Storage, Paint or Varnish Manufacturing and the like ( Excluding Explosives)
• Clothing and Textile Manufacture, Sales and Service
• Crematorium
• Dairies & Creameries
• Emergency Services
• Fabrication Assembly and Repair within an enclosed building
• Farm Implements
• Food Processing Plants
• Glass Products manufactured from finished glass
• Government Services
• Greenhouses and Nurseries
• Laboratories
• Landscapes Supplies and Sales
• Lumber Yards and Contractors
• Maintenance Yards
• Manufacturing
• Monument or Stone Manufacturing and Sale
• Moving and Storage Warehousing
• Paper and Printing Products
• Recycling Collection Depot
• Trucking Terminals, including rails freight terminals and yards
 M2 – Industrial Use & Site Requirements
Site Requirements      Min/MaxSite Area                   min. 929 m2
Site Width                   min. 30.5 m
Front Yard                   min. 15.2 m
Side Yard
Interior                    min. 4.6 m
Corner                     min. 7.6 m
Rear Yard                   min. 4.6 m
Height                       9.1 m
Site Coverage            max. 60%(a) detached accessory buildings shall be located a minimum of 3.0 meters from the principal building on the site
(b) Service station fuel pumps shall be located a minimum of 4.6 meters from any site line.
(c) See Section 3.3 when adjacent to residential zones
The Western Industrial Area located on the west side of the City north of the railway tracks is dominated by the former Calwest Textiles Plant.  The other industry in the area is a Co-op fertilizer plant and storage yard located to the south of the Calwest parcel.  There is some vacant industrial land located between the City’s works and operations yard and the Calwest property.The Railway Industrial Area, as its name implies, is found in association with the rail lines.  It stretches in an east-west direction on both sides of the tracks and is characterized by a mix of warehouses, small industries, and various trackage oriented buildings.

Southport Aerospace Centre has an industrial site available as well.  Please click here for more information.

Poplar Bluff Industrial Park – The Poplar Bluff Industrial Park is located in the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie, just west of the City. Located on the Trans-Canada Highway and the CP Rail mainline, it offers industry many advantages and benefits. The Poplar Bluff Industrial Park combines the advantages of rural location with ready access to urban markets and modern technology. Poplar Bluff is home to the JR Simplot potato processing plant.

An initiative of the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie and administered by the Poplar Bluff Park Authority, the Poplar Bluff Industrial Park is marketed in cooperation with Central Plains Inc., the Rural Municipality’s regional development corporation. For More Information you can contact Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) at 204-856-5000

 On December 18, 2000 the City and Rural Municipalities of Portage la Prairie signed the first ever Municipal Tax Sharing Agreement in Manitoba.  

 Click here to view the PDF file of the agreement