Major Snowfall Parking Ban

The Mayor may declare a citywide parking ban in the event of a major snowstorm.  This ban will prohibit parking on any city street for as many days as the ban is in effect.  This will enable crews to clear the streets as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The ban may last up to several days.

If a citywide parking ban is declared, it will be advertised on the radio and in the newspaper (if time permits).  There will also be signs placed around the City stating whether or not the ban is in effect.  As well, you may call 204-857-7275 for a recorded message on the status of the ban.

If your car is parked on any street during a citywide parking ban, it will be ticketed.  The fine is $40.00, or $30.00 if paid within 12 days.  As well, your car could be towed to the nearest cleared street.