Portage Public Art Fundraising Drive – Canada 150 Mosaic

Canada150MosaicPoster Portage Public Art Inc. has been accepted as one of 150 murals to be made across Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday July 1, 2017, and we need the community’s assistance in raising $14,500 to fully fund this $24,500 project.

Please refer to the brochure for all the details on this very exciting project.

We would like to involve as much of the community as possible. All sizes of donations are appreciated, and everyone that donates will be recognized on our website. Those that donate $20 or greater will receive a tax receipt.

*Please forward and share with family, friends and others so this can truly be a fine example of community engagement! When completed, this project will include 650 individually painted tiles, that when put together will create one large mosaic image.

 Gold Level:  $500+  Opportunity to paint 2 tiles
 Silver Level:  $250-499  Opportunity to paint 1 tile
 Bronze Level:  $100-249
 Friends of the project:  Up to $99

Tax Receipts issued for donations of $20 or greater

Each of the 150 murals across Canada will be designed as part of a rail boxcar, so that when connected online it will appear to be all one long train, with each boxcar having its own theme springing from it, around it, or on the surface. We reached out to the community for ideas on the theme and received some really good feedback.

For more information about this project, visit or email:
www.canada150mosaic.com  portagepublicart@gmail.com  |  www.portagepublicart.com

Brochure & Sponsor Form
Canada 150 Mosiac Poster
Canada 150 Mosiac Project Fundraising Drive