You may request a water turn off request electronically. No need to visit City Hall to request these services, any applicable fees will be billed to your water account. Snowbirds or those who will be away from their residence for an extended time period are ideal users of this service.

Water Off Form
Enter the reason for the temporary water shut off
Enter the date you would like the water shut off
Enter your name as it appears on your water bill
Enter the name of the Service Requestor if it is different from the Account Owner
Enter the reason why someone other than the account owner is making this request
Enter the name of the location owner, if it is different from the Account Owner
Enter the address where you would like the water turned off
Enter your new mailing address
Enter a phone number you can be contacted at during the day
Enter your email address
If this is a temporary water turn off, enter the date the water should be re-connected
If you are unable to be present during water re-connection, enter the name of the on-site person who will be representing you

A property owner may request a temporary water turn off due to an extended absence from the property. Details on when the water should be re-connected can be provided on this form. The Reconnection date must be requested a minimum of 5 business days in advance.

The City of Portage la Prairie assumes no liability if the property owner is not present on water reconnection for damage incurred to the property’s interior when the connection is reactivated. Location owners who are unable to be present are encouraged to have their representative present in the property’s interior and in proximity to the water meter to ensure the water reconnection is completed without damage or incident.

Our Operations Department will contact the representative by phone to arrange for the time reconnection will be completed.

* If the new homeowner is taking possession of this property, a read only is required.

** For standard water turn off service and fees, account owners mush complete this application by 3pm on any business day to have service completed within a minimum of the next 1 to 2 business days.