You may request a new water turn on electronically. No need to visit City Hall to request this service, any applicable fees will be billed to your water account.

Water Connection Form
Enter the date you would like the water turned on
Enter your name as it appears on your water bill
Enter the name of the Service Requestor, if it is different from the Account Owner
Enter the reason why someone other than the account owner is making this request
Enter the name of the location owner, if it is different from the Account Owner
Enter the address where you would like the water turned on
Enter the mailing address, if it is different from the physical address
Enter your previous address
Enter a phone number you can be contacted at during the day
Enter your email address
Enter the name and address of your Financial Institution

chequeThe City of Portage la Prairie has recently replaced your water meter with new “Smart Meter technology.  As one of its functions, the Smart Meter has the ability to detect potential water leaks based on the frequency of water flows through the system. The Smart Meter will display an LED indicator when it has detected a possible leak.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with the new water meter and the local of the leak indicator light.  You are encouraged to monitor your Smart Meter to check for an indication of a possible water leak in your household. The Smart Meter technology is merely an aid to detection and not a soltion for the prevention of water leaks.  If you are concerned about leaks you should consult with your plumbing contractor. For more information: or contact our offices at 204-239-8370

The City of Portage la Prairie assumes no liability if the location owner is not present on water connection for damage incurred to the locations interior when the connection is reactivated. Location owners who are unable to be present are encouraged to have their representative present in the locations interior and in proximity to the water meter to ensure the water reconnection is completed without damage or incident.

* If the new homeowner is taking possession of a property previously owned and already receiving the City of Portage la Prairie water services, a read only is required.

** For standard water connection service and fees, account owners mush complete this application and pay fee by 3pm on any business day to have service completed within a minimum of the next 1 to 2 business days. Same business day service is available for a premium fee. Ask our staff for details.