Snow Clearing – City Streets and Parking Lots

The City of Portage la Prairie reminds citizens that routine snow clearing takes place on the day after garbage collection when snow accumulation has met set standards.   The work shall only be carried out if the accumulated snow pack is in excess of 6 centimetres or there are dangerous conditions present due to snow ridges around parked vehicles or ice conditions are present at intersections.  By-Law No.01-8105 states: “no person shall park a vehicle on any portion of a street on the business day following residential garbage collection; or, upon the City providing 24 hours notice by way of “No Parking” signs, until the snow removal equipment has completed the work on the street.   Parking in violation of the By-law is subject to a fine.

After a major storm event, with more than 10 cm of snowfall, or when more than 10 cm of snow accumulates, the City snow clearing efforts shall be done on a priority basis within 48 hours of the conclusion of the storm event.

For storm related snow clearing on weekends and holidays, the City crews shall only be mobilized provided the total snowfall accumulation exceeds 20 centimetres.   If the storm event was less than 20 cm of snowfall, the remaining streets and avenues in the City will be completed within the routine maintenance snow-clearing schedule.  If the storm event was greater than 20 cm of precipitation, the remaining streets and avenues shall be completed within 96 hours of the start of the snow clearing operation.

Parking lots that are the responsibility of the City to maintain shall be cleared within 36 hours of the start of the snow clearing operation.  Snow shall be hauled from the parking lots as time permits and after the other activities have been completed.

Our city crews work as fast as possible to remove snow from the streets, but unfortunately, parked cars can get in our way.  If we have to tow some cars to make winter driving safe for everyone, we will, but we would rather not.  So please, to avoid having your car towed, you should not park on the street during snow clearing operations.