Spay/Neuter Discount Program

The City of Portage la Prairie and Portage Veterinary Hospital have partnered to help control the cat population with a spay/neuter discount program for all cats adopted from the City of Portage la Prairie pound.

Female Cat Spay = $95.00 ($55 discount from regular fee of $150.00)
Male Cat Neuter = $60.00 ($30 discount from regular fee of $90.00)
Regular vaccinations = $30.00 ($20 discount from regular fee of $50.00)

Cats that are currently in the pound can be viewed on the City website at Anyone interested in adopting a cat from the City pound and taking advantage of this spay/neuter discount can call Animal Control at 204-239-8326.

*All cats must have a distemper (FRCP) vaccine a minimum of 10 days prior to surgery
**Voucher is non-transferable and must be presented at first appointment

Importance of Spaying and Neutering

  • Cats can come into heat every 3 months and can have about 5 kittens each time. So in one year, one cat can produce 20 kittens.
  • As these kittens grow, they produce more kittens and the cycle continues. The result? Too many cats and not enough homes for all of them, resulting in the overpopulation of stray cats we are currently experiencing.
  • An unneutered male cat can roam and breed numerous female cats, so it is just as important to neuter males as well as spay females.