Water Billing Update

Please note that due to the Meter Change Out program the production of water bills has been delayed.  Area 3 Bills for areas north of the train tracks were mailed the week of August 18th.

Area 1 and Area 2 bills, covering all properties south of the tracks are delayed at this time.  Due dates will be adjusted to reflect the delay in your bills.  If you would like you are welcome to make a payment on your account before your water bill is available, you will see this payment applied as a credit on your bill when it is produced.

In an effort to realign bills with the standard billing periods, bills are being sent out on 4 month periods.

If you are calling due to an increase in your water bill, please make note of the time period it is for.

We will continue to produce bills with more than 3 months consumption until such time that bills are being produced on their regular schedule.

When we are able to produce bills on the regular schedule they will return to a 3 month billing period.

What this means for you, is that while your bill is higher currently, you will see a lower bill once we are able to return to the regular billing periods.

Due to a high volume of calls, and our focus on realigning your billing periods with your expectations, we would ask that if your call is about the amount of your bill, and that amount is within $100.00 of your previous bill, that you please wait until your next bill arrives before contacting us to investigate your bill.

Customers with bills within 100.00 of their regular bills will likely see that their next bill will balance out.

If this does not happen after two billing periods we will be happy to assist you in determining why your bill is higher.

If you find your bill is high we also strongly recommend that you check your home for leaks.  Tap, toilet and water tank leaks can be very costly due to the amount of wasted water.

We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused, and sincerely appreciate your patience while we work hard to serve you better.