Water main flushing is being undertaken as per the following schedule to clear mains of iron and calcium scale deposits in order to maintain high quality water.

Please do not use any hot water until you have operated your cold water taps to clear the line of any discoloration that may occur during flushing.

Flushing will take place between the night-time hours of 10:00 pm – 6:00 am.

Week #1 – June 25 – June 30
15th St NW between Saskatchewan Ave W and McKay Ave moving westward to 25th St NW

Week #2 – July 2 – July 7
15th St NW to 8th St NW between Saskatchewan and Fisher Avenues and continuing from 9th St SW westward to city limits between Crescent Rd and Saskatchewan Ave

Week #3 – July 9 – July 14
7th St NW to 10th St NE between Saskatchewan Ave & Fisher Ave

Week #4 – July 16 – July 21
8th St SW to 9th St SE between Saskatchewan Ave & Crescent Rd

Week #5 – July 23 – July 28
15th St NW to Tupper St NW north side of tracks

Week #6 – Jul 30 – Aug 4
Royal Rd to Westco Dr north side of tracks

Week #7 – Aug 6 – Aug 11
Koko Platz and Island Park Areas

Week #8 – Aug 13 – Aug 18
Mellenville and Old Bridge Road Area

For further information please phone the Department of Operations at 204-239-8346.