The Yellowquill Provincial Park Off-Leash Dog Park is located at Yellowquill Provincial Park along the TransCanada Hwy and is the result of a partnership between the Province of Manitoba, the City of Portage la Prairie and the Portage la Prairie Dog Park Committee.

Yellowquill Provincial Park Off-Leash Dog Park is a 2.5-acre fenced in park where dog owners can let their pets socialize and exercise off-leash in a safe environment.

Park Rules

Help make this an enjoyable experience for all dog park users by following these rules while visiting the off-leash park:

  • Keep your dog on leash unless inside the designated fenced-in, off-leash area.
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended. Maintain control of your dog at all times.
    • Keep a leash in hand at all times.
    • Keep your dog under voice control while off-leash.
  • Pick-up after your dog and deposit waste in garbage bins.
  • Keep female dogs in heat at home.
  • Ensure dogs are wearing current identification tags.

Be considerate to other dog park visitors and stop bothersome behaviour immediately.

  • Aggressive dogs are prohibited. Any dog in the park that displays aggression or is creating a nuisance must be removed from the park immediately.

Use this facility at your own risk. The Manitoba Government, the City of Portage La Prairie and site sponsors are not responsible for any loss, damages or injuries occurring at this facility.

Follow the link provided to view the entire City of Portage la Prairie Animal Control By-Law visit our By-Law Webpage

Questions and concerns can be directed to the City of Portage la Prairie By-Law Enforcement Officer at 204-239-8326.


Dog Park Location