May 25, 2023

The City of Portage la Prairie is pleased to be participating in an innovative food composting pilot program that will reduce the amount of organic material headed to the landfill.

In partnership with Food Cycle Science, FoodCycler™ units will be made available at a subsidized cost for a limited number of households in the community. FoodCycler™ units are countertop composting systems that reduce food waste at home. Using a specialized grinding system, it produces an odorless, nutrient-rich material that can be used as a fertilizer in plants or gardens.

The City of Portage la Prairie will be offering up to 50 FoodCycler™ units at a subsidized price for participating residents to use in their homes for a 12-week period.  Participants are asked to track the amount of waste they’re diverting using a tracking sheet provided by the City.  At the end of the 12 weeks, there will be a closing survey to share experiences and give feedback on the program. Once participants have gone through the steps of purchasing, tracking, and completing the survey, the system will be theirs to keep.

After the $100/unit municipal subsidy and additional Impact Canada subsidy, the cost to participating residents will only be $170 plus tax for the FoodCycler FC-30 (2.5L bucket) or $320 plus tax for the FoodCycler Maestro (5L bucket).

The pilot program is limited to 50 participants, so those wishing to obtain a unit need to register on the City’s website.  The registration page and more information about FoodCycler is available on our website at