The City is commencing a project to update Saskatchewan Ave West.  In 2021, Phase One will relocate and renew utility infrastructure to the gravel shoulders along the avenue.  Phase Two will be completed between 2022 and 2024, rebuilding the avenue, including sidewalks, bike paths, green space, parking spaces and enhanced land drainage.

The City is requesting borrowing authority from the Municipal Board and has entered into the public hearing process for this.  At the same time, the City is negotiating with the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program, a shared funding agreement between the federal, provincial, and municipal governments to receive almost $21 million in funding towards this project.  Completion of phase two is conditional on receiving this funding.

Public Notices for these public hearings for Borrowing Bylaws 21-8716 and 21-8717 and the bylaw documents are posted to the City’s web site (below) for the public’s review.

Phase Two of this project is expected to attract considerable public interest and the City will hold an Open House regarding this project in 2021.

No increase in property taxes or utility rates are expected as a result of this project.  The City has been planning for this project for many years and has identified operating funds available from maturing debt and existing resources to service debt payments for this project over its term of 15 years.

Public Notice re: proposed Bylaw 21-8716
Proposed Bylaw 21-8716

Public Notice re: proposed Bylaw 21-8717
Proposed Bylaw 21-8717