Jane Tully is a shining example of the extraordinary impact that one individual can have on their community. With a background as a nurse, she’s always carried that nurturing spirit and her desire to help others has never wavered.

Jane’s dedication to serving the community has been nothing short of exceptional, especially in her roles with the Portage Bear Clan, Citizens on Patrol and Table for 600. She’s repeatedly proven that she’s committed to making our neighbourhoods a safer and more vibrant place to live.

One of Jane’s most significant contributions has been her unwavering support in keeping the Bear Clan operational. With a caring and watchful eye, she’s been instrumental in needle pick-up operations, ensuring all volunteers have the necessary supplies to carry out their crucial work. What’s truly remarkable is her quick response to calls from the public reporting needles found in the community. Jane’s immediate action in such situations has undoubtedly made our neighbourhoods safer.

Jane’s passion for the well-being of our neighbourhoods extends even to her leisure time. When she’s out for a simple stroll, you can find her picking up litter and ensuring our streets remain clean and attractive. It’s this kind of dedication that makes her a true role model for community involvement.

And let’s not forget her thoughtful and caring nature towards the children in our area. Jane is known for always preparing snacks for the kids living near the Bear Clan. This small gesture may seem simple, but it brings smiles to young faces and fosters a sense of community warmth and togetherness.

In conclusion, Jane Tully’s volunteer work is nothing short of inspiring. She embodies the spirit of giving and selflessness, making our community a better place for everyone. Her genuine desire to help, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making our neighbourhoods safer and more enjoyable to live in make her deserving of the City of Portage la Prairie – Volunteer of the Month recognition. Let’s celebrate Jane’s incredible contributions and the positive impact she has had on us all.