Persons wishing to present information to or make a request of City Council may do so by appearing as a delegation. To register as a delegation, please fill out the registration form below and submit no later than the Wednesday prior to Council to the Manager of Administration. Delegation registration forms can be submitted online, in person at City Hall or via email to Delegations registrations are subject to approval.

If the reason for addressing council is to voice a concern or question a process, you must contact the appropriate department of administration first. Sometimes that is all that is required. If that does not work, or if it is not an administrative or operational concern, you can then register as a delegation.

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Procedural Requirements for Public Delegation

The following regulations are established in the City’s Procedure By-law No. 19-8688. These rules apply to all persons wishing to appear as a delegation before City Council.

3.8.3 Delegations will be scheduled for all Council meetings at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise directed by Council;

3.8.4 The Mayor or other presiding officer shall have the right to limit the time taken up by a delegation to 5 minutes. The delegation should be encouraged to appoint one spokesperson.

3.8.5 To allow Council Members to prepare for delegations, all presenters shall register with the Manager of Administration by the Wednesday prior to the Council meeting, and provide in writing the following information:

  • the date of the meeting at which they wish to appear
  • the subject to be discussed and any material that is to be distributed to City Council
  • the name and current mailing address of the person who will be addressing Council; and
  • the telephone number where the representative of the delegation can be reached during normal business hours

3.8.6 The Mayor or other presiding Officer may deny any delegation the right to be heard at a meeting of the Council if, in his or her opinion; The delegation:

  • Uses offensive words in referring to any member of the Council, or to any official or employee of the municipality, or member of the public;
  • Shouts, immoderately raises his or her voice, uses profane, vulgar or offensive language;

3.8.8 There shall not be a limit to the number of delegations included on the agenda of a council meeting, but the City Manager is granted authority to schedule delegations as deemed appropriate.