About the Project

On January 14, 2019 the detailed design for a three-lane low level causeway with a culvert structure, including roundabouts at the north and south intersections, and an active transportation pathway was presented to City Council.

The design includes provision for passage of snowmobiles, skiers, pedestrians, and portages over the causeway but does not allow for passage through the culvert structure. The roundabouts have been designed to accommodate truck movements in all directions.

Construction Update

last updated January 2021

Phase 1 – 2019/2020 Construction
2019 construction work is complete. The causeway has been to allowed to settle for a full year and the majority of the consolidation of the subgrade has taken place.

Phase 2 – 2021 Winter Construction
During the winter/early spring of 2021 installation of piled foundations, new larger diameter culverts, and stacked block facing walls will take place. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will again be diverted to the temporary roadway and pedestrian corridor on the existing causeway.

The Contractor is currently reviewing data from the two test piles and expects to begin installing the remaining piles in two weeks. These piles are the foundation for the three arched culverts that will be the centerpiece of the new causeway. This stage of construction is estimated to take from 5-6 weeks during which time traffic will be re-rerouted to west side of the causeway. Surface works and road construction will continue in the Spring.

Phase 3 – 2021 Summer Construction
Starting in late spring, construction of the remainder of the new road granular base will take place. Once granular is in complete, construction of the road pavement and concrete curbs; installation of a new active transportation pathway; roadway lighting; and finished landscaping (grass, trees, shrubs and benches) will take place. It is anticipated that the work will be complete in the fall of 2021.

Project News

For more information on the design and FAQ’s please see the links below:

Crescent Lake Causeway Presentation (.pdf) – January 2019

AECOM Crescent Lake Causeway Presentation to Council (video link) – January 2019

3D Simulated Causeway Flyby video (video link) – January 2019