Street Parking

Free two-hour street parking is in effect from 4th St NW to 5th St E along Saskatchewan Avenue and on designated side streets.

Once your free two-hour street parking time limit has expired, your vehicle must be moved at least one city block face to avoid being ticketed. A city block face is defined as “the parking area on one side of a street bordered by an intersection at each end”.

You can not return to the same city block face for a four-hour period from when you first parked there.  For example, if you park on the street from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, you cannot return to that block face until after 4:00 pm, but you can move your vehicle to a different block face and start a new free two-hour parking session.

Lot Parking

Free three-hour lot parking is in effect in the Heritage Square West, Heritage Square East and Howie/Duke parking lots.

Once your free three-hour lot parking time limit has expired, you must move your vehicle out of the lot and cannot park again in any time-limited parking lot for at least 2 hours, unless you purchase a parking pass. As long as 5 hours has transpired between the time you initially parked in the lot and when you return later in the day, you will not get a ticket.

Monthly & Annual parking passes are available for purchase in person at City Hall or on the HotSpot Parking app or website. Daily parking passes are available for purchase on the day they are to be used. Visit HotSpot at to create your account or download the app.

Daily passes are also available for purchase from approved vendors (Herman Prior Centre and Prairie Fusion). Remember, you can park for free for 3 hours before purchasing your pass.

Lot Parking Rates

Daily Pass —————— $5.00
Monthly Pass ————- $25.00
*Annual Pass ———— -$275.00

**save when you purchase an annual pass (12 months for the price of 11).

Ticket Payment Options

Parking tickets can be paid for in person at City Hall, by mail, online with your credit card or by e-Transfer. Fines for parking violations are $50 but are reduced to $25 or $30 if paid within the 14-day early payment period, in most cases.

Things to Remember

  • Time-limited parking is monitored and enforced Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, holidays excluded. Evening and weekend parking remains free.
  • Parking tickets are not placed on your windshield. Electronic parking tickets issued in the downtown area are sent in the mail and it may take a few days to receive your ticket.
  • The number of passes sold per day / month will be capped to ensure availability for parking pass holders.
  • Our Downtown Parking Strategy is enforced using an advanced license plate recognition system installed in our parking enforcement vehicle. If you see this vehicle patrolling, it is important to remember the following:
    1. The parking enforcement vehicle travels in the turning lanes.
    2. It makes frequent stops in turning lanes and on the side of the road.
    3. It drives close to parked vehicles to capture images correctly but does so at a safe speed to avoid doors opening and pedestrian traffic.