About the Project

Photo source: Portage la Prairie Professional Firefighters Facebook Page

The Koko Platz Rec Club and Building were established in the 1980’s and shortly thereafter, City Council passed Bylaw 7623 authorizing a lease of the land and premises. The lease was a mutually beneficial agreement for both the City and the Club as it allowed the club to provide recreation services, including an outdoor rink during the winter months and through their activities promoted volunteerism and community participation.

At 01:19 am on April 29, 2021, Portage la Prairie Fire Fighters were dispatched to the KoKo Platz Rec Club for a structure fire. When crews arrived on scene the building was well involved. Fire Fighters worked extremely hard to get the fire under control and unfortunately the building suffered extensive damage resulting in a total loss of the building. Crews cleared the scene around 06:30 am.

The building was covered for replacement value under the City of Portage la Prairie’s insurance policy. Under this policy, the Koko Platz Rec Club can be rebuilt as it was or, with additional fundraising and volunteers, it can be rebuilt in a new way.


The City of Portage la Prairie and Koko Platz Rec Club Board of Directors are working together to assess what the community priorities are for the rebuilding of the building, the outdoor space and their uses.

An Open House was held on February 23, 2022 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm (come & go) at the MNP Exhibition Building. Representatives from the City of Portage la Prairie and Koko Platz Rec Club Board of Directors were on site to gather public feedback on the future of the Koko Platz Rec Club and begin development of the volunteer base required to achieve these future goals. Feedback forms were available for attendees to provide input and an online survey (Koko Platz Community Club Survey) was was available for those unable to attend in person. The survey closed on Friday March 4, 2022.

Next Steps

  • Review and discuss feedback
  • Develop a strategy for moving forward
  • Communicate plans publicly
  • Seek out volunteers and resources to achieve plan
  • Present the plan to City Council
  • Plan fundraising initiatives for facility enhancements