About the Project

City Council is committed to making significant gains on revitalizing Saskatchewan Ave West. We have allocated the resources to properly plan for future infrastructure improvements such as paved parking, curbing and sidewalks and we look forward to working with our Provincial and Federal funding partners to ensure we achieve this major community improvement.

In 2021, Phase One will relocate and renew utility infrastructure to the gravel shoulders along the avenue between 4th Street West and Elm Street.Saskatchewan Ave W Improvement Area

Phase two of this project will be completed between 2022 and 2024 and will involve the rebuilding of Saskatchewan Avenue West including the paved avenue, sidewalks, bike paths, green space, parking spaces and enhanced land drainage.

Phase Two of this project is expected to attract considerable public interest and the City will hold public consultation regarding this project during 2021.

No increase in property taxes is expected as a result of this project.  The City has been planning for this project for many years and has identified operating funds available from maturing debt and existing resources to service debt payments for this project over its term of 15 years

Construction Update

Updated November 3, 2022

  • Replacement of the Water and Wastewater and Land Drainage piping is continuing along Saskatchewan Avenue W.  The contractor expects to complete the majority of this work in 2022.
  • Replacement of Land Drainage outfalls to Crescent Lake is also continuing and is expected to be mostly complete in 2022.
  • Asphalt patching on Crescent Rd. and the travel Lanes of Saskatchewan Avenue will take place in November.
  • Between 4th St. W and 7th St. W concrete curbs on the North are in place and sidewalk construction and median curbs will be completed in November. Concrete work on the South Side and asphalt milling and replacement will take place in the Spring of 2022.
  • Road, sidewalk, and bike lane construction for the portion from 7th St. W to 20th St. W will take place in the summer and fall of 2023.
  • The remainder of the work from 20th St. W to Elm St will take place in 2024.

Tree Information

To ensure better biodiversity, we are planting three different tree species along Saskatchewan Avenue West.

  1. Discovery Japanese Elm: Ulmus davidiana japonica ‘Discovery’
  2. Silver Cloud Maple: Acer saccharinum ‘Silver Cloud’
  3. Delta Hackberry: Celtis occidentalis

These trees are better suited to the urban environment. The elm in particular is a variant that is less susceptible to dutch elm than the typical american elm. Even with a mild risk of DED, elm trees remain the very best tree for urban streets. The maple is rated well for cold hardiness, nicely fast growing and will provide a nice autumnal accent. The Delta Hackberry is a native species sourced from Delta, Manitoba. These trees have been doing extremely well in urban conditions and we’re excited to feature this local tree on Saskatchewan Avenue.

Cottonwood trees are beautiful and have many desirable landscape characteristics. However due to their massive size, and ability to produce large amounts of cotton-like seeds, they aren’t a species that are well-suited to a streetscape.

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