The divisions of the Operations department are Public Works, Engineering, and Water and Wastewater Treatment. The Operations Department’s primary function is to maintain the City’s infrastructure – roads, drainage, water, sewer, boulevard trees, parks, Crescent Lake, recreational facilities and cemeteries. The Operations Department also provides services such as water supply, sewage treatment, garbage collection, and recyclable collection. Operations acts as a technical support to other Departments within the City for such things as land development and the provision of infrastructure data.

Water & Sewer

Water and sewer services are provided by three divisions of the Operations department, the Water Treatment Plant division, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Division, and the Public Works…

picture of pelicans on Crescent Lake in Portage la Prairie Manitoba

​Parks & Cemeteries

The Parks/Cemeteries Division maintains Island Park, playgrounds, and residential parks as well as other City-owned land such as green spaces, walkways, bike paths and cemeteries.

picture of snow grader cleaning snow from city streets


Transportation is a subdivision of Public Works. They are responsible for maintaining the City’s roads, sidewalks, traffic and directional signs, urban forest, decorative lighting, as well as the land drainage system.

picture of map of City of Portage la Prairie garbage zones

Solid Waste

Solid Waste is a responsibility of the Public Works division. To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill the city provides services for recycling, composting, and tree waste.

picture of Engineering staff at work


Engineering is in charge of design & contract management for the construction or major repair of water mains, sewers, streets, and long term infrastructure planning.

Call Before You Dig

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