The Engineering Division is in charge of the design and contract management for the construction of water mains, sewers and major repairs or construction of streets, as well as long term infrastructure planning, and records and drawings maintenance.

Curb Cut/Driveway Permit

A curb cutting permit is required by anyone wanting to cut a curb or install an approach for the construction of a driveway. The permits are available for purchase at the Operations Building, 495 11th Street N.W. There is a fee for curb cutting permits as set out in the Fees & Charges By-Law.

Building Service Connection Applications

All Building Service Connections require a connection application to be approved by the Manager of Engineering. Applications for building service connections are available at the Operations Department. There is a fee as set out in the Fees & Charges By-Law.

House & Lot Grading

All new housing in Portage la Prairie must be constructed to the elevations provided by the City of Portage la Prairie. House & lot elevations are provided with the building permit obtained from the Portage la Prairie Planning District. A deposit is required. The deposit is refundable if and when the builder conforms to the elevations provided to them. Elevations are checked by City staff just prior to footing being poured and after lot grading has been completed.