To ensure improved accessibility along Saskatchewan Avenue we need your support. Businesses that have new concrete sidewalks at their storefronts will be expected to clear that frontage to the same standard as our downtown merchants. With your cooperation, cleared sidewalks will ensure improved access for your customers and safer walking for the public at large.

Traffic By-law 20-8705 states that businesses along Saskatchewan Avenue will:

  • remove snow and ice from the sidewalk fronting their business by 10:00 a.m. each day
  • pile snow from the sidewalk on the boulevard outside of the concrete area (see examples below)
  • not push snow into roadways, bike lanes, or parking lanes

With respect to Saskatchewan Avenue, we consider the sidewalk to be the concrete portion of the boulevard fronting your business. The City will be responsible for clearing the asphalt bike paths.

If you have questions about where to store snow or how this will impact your individual frontage please contact Brian Taylor, Superintendent of Public Works, at (204) 239-8352.

Examples of recommended snow-clearing method for businesses:

Example 1

Example 2