The Local Vehicle for Hire Act came into force on February 28, 2018. Local Vehicles for Hire are commonly called taxis, shuttles, limousines for hire or PTP (point to point vehicles) engaged through an application and governed by the City regulations specific to a ride sharing service. In response to this new legislation, the City of Portage la Prairie developed a Local Vehicles for Hire By-law.

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If you have concerns regarding the operation of your local vehicle for hire please contact the City of Portage la Prairie at 204-239-8309.  In the event of an emergency please call 9-1-1.

Local Vehicles for Hire Act
Local Vehicles for Hire By-Law 19-8694
Local Vehicle for Hire FAQ
Taxis – Authorized License Plate Numbers – this information will be updated regularly as changes occur
Vehicle Tag Application
Driver’s Permit Application